The kitchen fulfils many roles in our lives. It is first and foremost a place to make meals - a food factory - and it has to be efficient, safe and comfortable to work in. It is also the place we spend much of our time in, where we interact with friends and family. It is the room in the house which works the hardest, sees the most traffic and use. It is also the hub of the home: the centre of family life and communication. It has to be a pleasing environment, reflecting our taste, our lifestyle. As form follows function, much of the beauty of the kitchens we design springs from the way they suit their users needs.

So we look for beauty that is more than just skin deep, we look for modern, innovative design at the cutting edge, picking the best and latest technology and materials. We look for products made with understanding of their uses, by designers who have a passion for originality, tempered with practicality like our own.

We have learned, too, that familiar brands, well marketed, do not always guarantee success. While quality inevitably carries some premium, good design does not always have to be expensive. By applying more thought, more experience and a better understanding of your needs, we can make more of your kitchen for you. We carefully chose our products with this in mind.

Our selected range runs from the most bespoke, handcrafted kitchens to products made in Europe’s largest and most efficient factories, from the most extraordinary individual craftsmanship to remarkable value based on technical quality and economies of scale. Naturally, we back our furniture with the best appliances as well as unusual and interesting materials for worktops, tables and wall panels.

Our designers have a unique and wonderful palette to work from. As enthusiasts both for design and for cooking, their passion is to understand your needs and come up with original, practical ideas and plans. Working from your architects plans or by measuring on site, we produce high quality, easy to read technical drawings and specifications. Much of our business is based on working with architects and designers for individual homes or large projects - we are often the designer’s designer.

Of course, the best products and the best designs need a fitting service that is up to the mark too. Our people are trained to make sure that everything fits and works just as it should and right on schedule.

So come to our showroom, look around and see what we mean or better, talk to one of the crew. Start a conversation by calling 0207 610 6166

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